To Whom It May Concern:

Rick asked me if I’d write a reference letter for him and I’m happy to do it. I’ve known and had a close relationship with Rick for over 20 years. Over the years he has been an integral part in helping me and my family with improving some of our real estate investments. He has helped design and contract remodeling on several properties in Austin, Orlando and acted as a design consultant on our vacation home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Rick has an incredible eye for seeing and creating a space. I’ve seen him walk through a room full of walls and hallways and literally within minutes have a completely redesigned floor plan that is amazing, beautiful and functional. He truly has a gift. He knows design, but he also knows a lot about construction, what will and won’t work from a builder’s perspective. He has worked well with my contractors and he has often brought in his own team on my projects. I think Rick really needs no words from me in regard to his design finishes, he has a photo portfolio that clearly shows the beauty of his visions. Some of those properties are one’s he has done for me. Most importantly, what I want to say about Rick is he shows up, and he shows up with integrity and accountability. He highly values relationships and wants everyone to be and stay happy and satisfied. He probably won’t take a job he doesn’t have some passion around. If you give him the freedom, he will not sugar coat, he will tell you straight up what’s what. Several times he has made design suggestions to me, most of them I’ve taken and some I have not, but even when I have not he has given me solid input to make my choice the best it can be. I highly recommend Rick and will continue to consult with him every time I have a house to flip, a home to update, a spec home to build or an apartment that needs a makeover. Please contact me if you have any questions, I’m happy to discuss Rick most anytime.

Mike Biles


Ricky V has helped me on several occasions with flips and with home staging. Ricky truly is a home whisperer. When you walk through a property with him you can just see the wheels turning - he's told me that he can see images in his mind of the house as he moves walls, windows, door locations, etc. Sometimes the redesign is more sophisticated and sometimes more subtle. Redesign is where you make the money, and he has a knack for redesign not just picking paint colors and the pretty stuff. With flips he has helped me with a smaller budgets and with much larger budgets and he worked extremely well with my contractor. The process was seamless. When I start another project Ricky V will be one of the first people I call.

Elliott Sanchez


I've had the opportunity and pleasure to work with Rick on multi occasions. He's consulted on many large scale renovation projects from an interior design and architectural design standpoint. The perspective that Rick brings to a project is invaluable. His experience is evident in how quickly he can imagine a space and clearly share that vision. His attention detail and the overall intention when creating a space are truly elevated and brilliant. I have done countless major remodels on both residential and commercial properties, and Rick is the first person I call whenever I'm needing guidance, coaching, and consulting. Well worth every penny for his expertise.

Matthew Moreno


Matthew Moreno,

PLLC The Austin Home Company

Licensed Realtor

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